These are seeds we currently have in stock. Thanks to everyone who contributed.


Snap green beans (bush)
Garbanzo beans
Georgia streak heirloom tomatoes
Purple-hulled cow peas
Asian long beans
Oaxacan corn
Chile peppers
Scarlet runner beans (pole)
Kentucky wonder beans (pole)
A variety of seeds packaged for long-term storage
Chili peppers (several kinds)
Yellow-fleshed watermelons
Georgia collards
Black Texas sorghum
White Sonoran wheat
Broom com sorghum
Rocky Ford green muskmelon
California Buckeye cow peas
Simpson lettuce
Bisbee Red cow peas
Nantes carrots
Red moon and stars watermelon
Purple top white globe turnip
Yellow moon and stars watermelon
Asian yard long beans
Fava beans


Hyacinth beans (can be eaten)
Eastern gamma grass
Red yucca
Red amaranth
Barrel cactus

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