These are some places you can buy organic or native seeds.

To add your favorite seed companies to this list, add them through the comments below.


2 thoughts on “Seed sources

  1. Here are a few of my favorite seed resources.

    For the Chiricahua region, a vast number of native seed plants can be bought from Borderlands Restoration Network out of Patagonia, AZ:–merch.html

    Another nice seed selection, including some that are dry farmed (farmed using reduced watering) and also perennial tree collards, Sundial Seeds:

    A good source for rare varieties, seed breeding stock and landrace seeds, the Experimental Farm Network. (If you are looking for interesting breeding stock acclimated to high desert regions, check out the Lofthouse tab on this site.)

    A favorite seed company with lots of consumer ratings for most seeds, plus that tests their corn for GMO contamination, has a neat variety of Asian food plants, and has southern varieties of onions available, Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds:


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